Baphomet Hermaphrobaph
Part man, part woman, part beast, Trans gendered, gender neutral, non binary, and all inclusive.
Some assembly may be required. 

A fabricated pagan or Gnostic idol or deity that the Knights Templar were allegedly, and dubiously accused of worshiping, and then was later embraced and often perverted by various occultists, mystical writers, and kick ass metal bands. Baphomet is most notable in the past century for popularizing the “air jerk off” motion  while in mid conversation and is rumored to have been a ghost writer for EMINEM on occasion. Its often whispered in some circles of alcoholic anonymous groups that Baphomet was the inspiration for the Miller High Life girl.

Baphomet itself was first described at the inquisition of the Knights Templar.
When the Templar order began in the 12th century or so, they were positioned to protect pilgrims and weary hobos on the way to Jerusalem. However, the Knight’s Templar were exempt from taxation; Therefore, they got filthy stinkin’ rich and powerful over the years, subsequently becoming a threat to the establishment, So, they were accused of worshiping the devil, bestiality, heresy and, fuckin’ each other up the ass. The Templar’s were then swiftly arrested, tortured and, burned at the stake.

The actual image of Baphomet made its debut fairly recently in Eliphas Levi’s  Dogma and Rituals of high magic (1854) Lévi’s original intention for this creature (also referred to as the goat of Mendes.)  was to symbolize his concept of balance, with Baphomet representing the goal of perfect social order, or whatever that is suppose to mean.

In point of fact Baphomet is actually a cool kinda customer with a slick constitution and a divine resolution. Ya know, kinda like a stoned bugs bunny, quick with a scratch of a grit or a sagacious quip, always endeavoring to persevere. Not good nor evil, just Indifferent to the perplexities of mankind, or humankind, or whatever handle you’re stamping on it these days. Much like  the Dude… Baphomet abides.