There is nothing ARTificial about your incompetence.

Ya ever Consider that this new popular AI art shit trend everyone is doing is akin to cultural appropriation and could also be quite “triggering” to the actual artists out there who have  spent decades(or longer) honing their natural born talent just to see a bunch of un-artistic so called “celebrities” “social media influencers” and every other honyocker thats figured out how to use the internet just willy-nilly type some gibberish into a command prompt on a sketchey server (that gives fuck-all about copyright laws) and now they think they are fuckin’ Rembrandt.

There is absolutely no difference between some clown making AI art on midjourney and passing it off as their own art and one of those assholes who plays call of duty 18 hours a day and thinks he/she is now some combat ready hard ass who decided Jan 6th would be a great day to visit the capital building.

You all make me sick, right to my very core. You fraudulent bastards owe all of us real artists an apology.
Also, you owe us some money.

As you most likely do not know, (because you are not a REAL artist) , artist are all poor, so if you want to feel like a true blue artsy fartsy asshole, give 75-80% of all your life savings to a real traditional artist. A painter, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a photographer, or even a sculptor. This one-time payment will ensure that the rest of the real art community will not treat you any differently or look down upon you for having no actual artistic creativity.

However, If You wanna make art that I can take seriously, Come talk to me when you chop yr own fuckin’ ear off.

Also, Artists, If you did not see this coming from a million trillion miles away and plan accordingly, well then, shame on you. This was always going to happen.

But, ya know me,  …I ain’t saying nothing, I’m just saying.