Six One Two Drums

Last month I was hired to do some logo design for 612 Drums , The idea we came up with was to do something evil-looking do to the fact that a large part of the customer base is death metal and doom bands so skulls, horns, death, doom and rotting flesh is all a must. Had a lot of fun doing this one , Drawing things ugly and evil is something I seem to excel at.

612 drums

For all the hand draw elements in this one I first did my base sketches with a non photo blue pencil and then went back in with Copic Multiliner, Micron and Prismacolor pens ( I can never seem to get happy with one set of inking pens). I then went back in with Copic cool grey markers for tonal shading. I then scanned the images into Photoshop and began to put it together, Using a Wacom tablet I added more line detail, a bit more shading and some highlights. The text was done between CorelDraw and Photoshop. So go check out 612 Drums on their facebook page at and tell em D-Wrex sent ya.

wpid-IMG_20130416_091151.jpg           wpid-IMG_20130430_213903.jpg