mr nice guyThis design I did as an old vintage type of cartoon design with more of a hardcore attitude to it. I first sketched out the image and scanned it into the computer, then I imported it into CorelDraw and redrew it in vector format using my wacom tablet. I then imported it into Photoshop and added text and the distressed look .

I also did this one in a few different colors , maybe i’ll post those as well.

smokin ace72

This is one that I had been working off and on for a few months in between work and other projects then one night I decided to just hunker down and finish this fuckin’ thing. I enjoy doing portrait’s so the idea was to do a portrait  of some sort of Tank Girl meets Full Metal Jacket futuristic punk soldier chick. I did the whole thing using my wacom tablet and jumping back and forth between CorelDraw and Photoshop.

beach wolf 77I recently picked up a new wacom intuous tablet and wanted to get use to it,  It seems to me that all the different intuous tablets have their own individual flow and feel to them so decided to do an illustration using nothing but the wacom tablet. End result.. The Beach Wolf.