At this point continuing to honor the Confederate flag is sorta like calming Die Hard 5 is a good movie just because its part of the Die Hard series. Sure , you want to like it because its fuckin’ Die Hard, It has explosions and machine guns and John McClane one liners but its called …Die Hard: A Good Day to Die Hard?.. It sounds like a name for gay porn for fuck sake.

In reality Die Hard 5 sucks balls, Its awful runny dog shit, It doesn’t make any god damn sense and it has nothing to do with the other Die Hard movies except that Bruce Willis is in it and his name happens to be John McClane.

Sure its fine to watch it if you’re sitting around getting drunk with your pals and it comes on tv, you can own 10 DVD copies of it if you want, you can get a tattoo on your back of all the characters from the movie banging each other in some sort of grotesque Die Harder orgy, you can even have Die Hard 5 reenactments in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings every Wednesday night until the end of time but don’t you try to convince me that its equally as good of a flick as the other Die Hard films and it needs to be included in the Die Hard box set.

Im not saying anything … Im just saying.

Been reading and listening to the news coverage  about this weeks DNC and last weeks RNC and its becoming exceedingly disconcerting to me how pumped and fired up people have become over the hype that these two events have generated, almost as if they are two more Coachella’s slapped on to the end of the summer. The only thing this years DNC and RNC were missing was a hologram of George Washington giving some ridicules, over patriotic sermon while Diplo did a remix of the Star Spangled Banner.

The reason Im so thoroughly disgusted with these two events and the primo hype they have generated in the media is because the ass clowns who go to these shit fests and follow them religiously on TV like some sort of Sunday morning gospel hour for 6yr olds with down syndrome are still sadly under the impression that it still matters who you vote for in this country. It doesn’t.

The thing you have to remember is, as George Orwell so eloquently put it “Who ever controls the past controls the future and who ever controls the present controls the past”. So the question you have to ask yourself is who controls the present? Well forget about the politicians, they don’t run this country, they were bought off a long fuckin’ time ago by the real operators of this country, big corporations, They are the true masters of this infinite red, white and blue strip mall.

And that brings up another point, Where are all the globs of those occupy movement dick weeds now? Why are they not protesting the DNC and the RNC for the puppet show that it is? Did they run out of Guy Fawkes masks?  Like I said before, the big majority of those “Occupy” dildos were a collection of semi motivated shit stains who saw an opportunity to stand around in one spot  for an extended period of time and pretend like they were making a difference until the new season of the Cum Guzzling House Wives of the Jersey Shore started, then they all just went home.

If you remember back in January 2000 Rage Against the Machine shut down the Stock Exchange just by playing a fucking song on the steps of Federal Hall. Now thats how its fucking done!

The point I’m trying to make is that it does not matter who you vote for, It’s just gonna be more of the same, Business as usual.

Now don’t be discouraged I do have a solution to this dilemma. On voting day don’t vote. If enough people don’t vote maybe the head honchos who pull the strings in this country well see we’re on to their little charade.

So instead of voting do something worthwhile, anything really. Go protest the voting polls, Go stand outside of big corporation headquarters and yell obscenities, If you work for a big corporation don’t go to work, “Occupy” Wall Street on voting day but this time everyone bring a loud instrument crank the amps to 11 and everybody play at once, Or you could just stay home and read a book. I would recommend “Everyone Poops” because when ya think about it no matter how rich or poor, attractive or unattractive, left wing or right wing you are… we all have to take a huge shit sometime.

As you all know tomorrow marks the anniversary of the death of the FBIs most wanted fugitive Osama Bin Laden.

I just wanted to remind you that it was the  the crack news team here at D-Wrex ( which is basically me) tirelessly sifted through loads of our (my) current and bygone data and info to uncover the truth and crack this incident wide open.

Osama Bin Laden (OBL as I like to call him) was in fact the mastermind behind the dastardly hacking of the Playstation Network which led to Playstation having to shut down all Playstation Store and network access for 2 weeks. At the time President Obama was three quarters through the season in NBA 2k11 and the Playoffs were within reach when the takeover happened seizing all team progress and jeopardizing any hopes of clenching a playoff spot.

This was the final straw, President Obama was quoted as saying “Its like 9-11 all over again” and unlike Bush, “Barack don’t fake da funk on da nasty dunk,  game on bitches.” And with that he ordered the strike and the rest is history. The Playstations Network was up and running again in no time, Obamas playoff hopes were still alive and the new Call of Duty game called “Obamas Rage” : The Death of Osama are still in the works.

There you have it. Facts are facts people


A Christian said to me the other day “Did you ever stop to think that God put dinosaur bones on earth to test our faith?” That’s about the time I said “Did you ever think that maybe God made up the Bible to see how many stupid dumb shits would believe that Dungeon and Dragons bullshit and blindly follow it no questions asked?”