I’ve just purchased the rights to the film the Human Centipede. I will be making a part 3 and In normal d-wrex fashion i will be taking it over the top by creating a human centipede out of a series of newborn babies. This film will be entitled “The Human Placentapede”








These features or general principles I have mapped out are the most practical/sensible blueprints for a zombie apocalypse type of scenario.  Please study carefully and prepare yourself as need be in view of the fact that some of these events have already  begun to transpire.

So the other day I was watching a physics documentary about black holes, Hawking’s Uncertainty Principle, and the battle it sparked between Stephen Hawking and Leonard Susskind for the next decade. The first time Hawking laid this mind-fuck of a theory on the physics community was during one of a series of conferences held at a mansion in San Francisco.

So in short (skipping all the physics mumbo jumbo), Hawking’s theory stated that eventually a black hole would disappear and all the matter that it had sucked up would be gone forever. Well this “scientific heresy” violated all the principles of physics up to that point in time. Nothing can be lost forever…right? Well naturally Susskind got quite disgruntled at this statement.

Well I decided to paint a picture of what I thought Susskind’s reaction might have been. Something like Susskind’s mouth transforming into a black hole and sucking Hawking right out of his wheelchair. Oh and by the way, Hawking admitted defeat when Susskind proved him wrong a decade later.