flyer 1

Got hired to bang out a quick flyer for the boys in THUNDERDIKK , this time they will be performing live at The Crest in La Crescenta at 10pm , they will also be premiering  their brand new video for the song “Magnum Love” featured in the upcoming horror comedy Love In The Time Of Monsters. I got to be an extra in this video and for a split second I believe you can see my shoe so if you want to rock the fuck  out and see the debut of the acting career of my shoe be at the Crest this Saturday night.

sas 2A while back I received a phone call from my old roommate Matt, He said Sasquatch is real and that he had seen him on some piece of shit, back woods Ohio country road. So… Like any good friend or police sketch artist I drew this picture from his freakish description.  He barely made it out alive.