“The way l look at it, you come home, mind your own business, watch your own yard. And then, if trouble finds you, you go after it and you bite its head off.”
Alternative movie poster for the 1990 classic Marked for Death

smokin ace72

This is one that I had been working off and on for a few months in between work and other projects then one night I decided to just hunker down and finish this fuckin’ thing. I enjoy doing portrait’s so the idea was to do a portrait  of some sort of Tank Girl meets Full Metal Jacket futuristic punk soldier chick. I did the whole thing using my wacom tablet and jumping back and forth between CorelDraw and Photoshop.

Last month I was hired to do some logo design for 612 Drums , The idea we came up with was to do something evil-looking do to the fact that a large part of the customer base is death metal and doom bands so skulls, horns, death, doom and rotting flesh is all a must. Had a lot of fun doing this one , Drawing things ugly and evil is something I seem to excel at.

612 drums

For all the hand draw elements in this one I first did my base sketches with a non photo blue pencil and then went back in with Copic Multiliner, Micron and Prismacolor pens ( I can never seem to get happy with one set of inking pens). I then went back in with Copic cool grey markers for tonal shading. I then scanned the images into Photoshop and began to put it together, Using a Wacom tablet I added more line detail, a bit more shading and some highlights. The text was done between CorelDraw and Photoshop. So go check out 612 Drums on their facebook page at and tell em D-Wrex sent ya.

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