The web series Dirty Laundry TV is going to be putting together a series of monthly shows at Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles and they hit me up to do the  flyers promoting these shows. They were looking for each flyer to be in a vintage, 50s, horror movie style. Here is the first one in the series. If you don’t know about Dirty Laundry TV click the link and check em out and go check out the show. feb 5th


I watch a lot of movies and I’ve always been a big fan of movie poster artwork, earlier this year I was hired to create a movie poster for  the upcoming movie Love in the time of monsters and I had a blast doing it so I figured I’d take a crack at making  another movie poster just for shits and giggles. I decided to do a poster for the 1976 classic Network. I picked Network because well, It’s a solid flick and still quite relevant to the social situations of today.